Talking about yourself is crucial to landing the job you want.

UX Design is at a critical point right now, in this post-pandemic summer of 2021. Due to culture and life changes that have resulted from millions of Americans staying home, even the most non-tech focused of companies is pivoting…

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In my previous article, I discuss WHY the age of users matters. In this article, I will discuss HOW to conduct user research with this user group. The standard set of usability or discovery questions are not enough. …

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This is the first article of two.

In this first post, I will explain why age is a factor in user research, and why age is also an oversimplification of a person’s experiences. …

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A lot of my life I have defined my success by my ideas. I was taught that if you could change something with an idea for the better, that idea deserves to see the light of day. Creativity is the process of bringing about novel ideas. A lot of artists…

It is real. It is important. You got this.

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My name is Krista. Hi. I have a lot going on in my life.

I have a GSD named Hank who guards my home against burglars and ghosts.

Ghosts you say? Well, I’m starting to think those ghosts under my bed…

When no one knows what you do, you lose your value.

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I cannot be the only one who is tired of explaining the nuances of our profession to recruiters and HR departments and even, sometimes, the Head of Design. So, let’s get this settled now:

Interaction Design is NOT User…

Companies need to have a standardized user experience that they adhere to for UX designers.

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In the UX industry, we talk a lot about skills, new software, and best practice solutions to common problems. We don’t talk enough about where our industry is and where it is going. Its more of a company-led, company-first mentality. …

You don’t need 3–5 years of experience to be successful in the job hunt.

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I’ve been interested in studying design since I was a kid. My dad and I would sit in parking lots and list all of the reasons why the complex system of roads and stop signs didn’t make sense. …

Krista Peterson

Los Angeles based UX Designer and Researcher writing about designing for actual humans in this industry with no rules.

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